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Control System Project Examples
Multiple Industrial Batch Furnace Control System
       - Redundant control system
       - ERP/ database interface
       - Run data collection and detailed alarm reporting
Automatic thermocouple calibration - multiplexer input channel switching
       - Calibrate 25 PLC TC input ch. in less than 5 minutes
       - Auto generated detailed report
Beverage Blender

De-aeration Skid                                                                                             
Project Management
Design Electrical (AutoCad) (UL)
Control Panel Construction
PLC programming
HMI programming
SCADA programming

Design Mechanical (AutoCad)
Skid fabrication
Installation (electrical and mechanical)
On-Site Commissioning
On-Site Trouble Shooting
Logan Automation provides process control solutions to manufacturing and processing facilities with more than 66 years
combined process controls engineering experience. Our goal is to partner with companies that need to automate new or
existing plant equipment. By understanding your needs, Logan Automation can apply our experience to achieve an intelligent,
cost effective control system.